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You are more important

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard, December 1990

Just a three months prior, Iraq invaded Kuwait.
The Fleet Marine Force of the USMC began Operation DESERT SHIELD.
It was designed to keep Iraq from attacking Saudi Arabia, and put people in the way of bombs.

You are more important

There was no “immediate, complete, and unconditional withdrawal of all Iraqi forces from Kuwait.” I was heading toward the complete loss of my best friend, Harry.
He was just getting into the enjoyment phase of his life.
He started getting colds and flu symptoms, and his lungs wore thin.

You are more important

No one could have imagined the political in-fighting that took place at my workplace.
It was a festival of selfishness. Even managers ran for cover.
There was a problem with the corporate leadership and it showed – stock prices began to fall.
I kept working there because my family needed me to be a caretaker.
To be responsible.
I should have quit sooner.

You are more important

Around this time, Gillian and I got in the swimming pool.
She was a good learner, then a good swimmer.
You don’t get to be called that if you avoid the water.
Work slowed us down.

You are more important

We had an opportunity to leave the city and make a rural life.
It is still tempting, today.
The lure of money and bills being paid keeps us in the urban zone.
We can always change how we feel, but we cannot change our souls,
though we have found that a tempting prospect.

You are more important

It is easy to choose what you want to do.
We can get heaven
and we can acquire hell and its spiritual slavery.
The struggles we have are *not* with each other.
They are within ourselves.
We could have checked out of this planet.
But we did not.

You are more important

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