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ADVICE: Frayed knot

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By Lawrence J. J. Leonard  

There was once a mountain climbing man who wanted to go to the top of the highest elevation on Earth. He began this adventure after many years preparation.  

And, since he wanted to get the glory of it for himself, he climbed alone.  

He chose to ascend at twilight so that he would reach the top before daybreak. Night fell on the heights of the mountain on the chosen day. All was dark – nothing could be seen. Even the moon and stars were covered by storm clouds.  

He began his climb, not scared of the weather, while making great strides. Hours later, he was just a few dozen feet from the top. A new world record!  

In his excitement, he slipped and fell. His body had all the aerodynamics of a millstone. He felt terrible dread. Suddenly, he remembered all the good and bad episodes of his young life. He gasped for air as he plummeted toward certain death. He refocused his attention as a strong tug began digging into his waist.  

It was his safety rope. It frayed then twisted into a life-saving knot.  

And with a jerk he stopped falling and dangled over an unforgiving abyss. The desperate man yelled for help. After many hours in the snowy winds, a young woman’s voice from above called to him.  

“CUT – THE – ROPE!”  

The man screamed, “NO! I will die!” 

The man held onto his rope, hoping for another climber to come soon.  Many hours later a rescue team located the mountain climbing man. He was dangling from his rope. He was frozen solid.  

He was just 9-FEET from solid ground.  

The morale of this story: 

Realist: That was a scary story!

Pragmatist: Not all rope is that good.

Perfectionist: I am so glad you wrote ‘elevation’ and not ‘highest mountain’ – which is in Hawaii.

Religious believer: There is a time for every purpose under heaven.

Atheist: Well, rope didn’t do Judas any good, either.

SC Senator Fritz Hollings: This climber obviously struggled alone – It’s the administration’s fault.

UN Secretary General Kofi Anan (Ghana): We want mountain inspections to work for us from now on, so that there is no more loss of life.

Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor: We acknowledge that OTHERS loved this man.

Kim Jong il: This death is typical of a superpower’s media campaign to slur individuals who rise to power.

Hillary: Where was that helpful village I talked about?

Cher: Do you believe in life after love?

Roseanne: What an idiot – like he could’ve make it to the top without a woman’s help!

Engineer: The weight of a four mile rope is inversely proportional to the rate of the climb.

Optimist: The man was lucky to have climbed as high as he did.

Pessimist: He would have died at the top anyway.  

You: The rope that I’m clinging to and should cut away is? ___________________.

 Have A Fantastic Day!

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

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