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The Essence of Cool

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Some say integrity is a skill
that must be practiced,
developed and learned over time.
The same way mathematics
must be grasped
through the repetition of techniques and formulas.


No way!

Integrity is a CHOICE.
It is an outward expression of an inward belief to do the right thing and

choosing does not require skill, it requires will.

Craftsmen who ply their knowledge in an industry have skills, which are honed each second they work. 
Many with years of using their skills have applied what they know, learning from mistakes.

More so for the cool ones.
Cool people rest in the knowledge that each second of their lives IS A DECISION.
When we do what we say we will do, there is no mistaking that.

Is this is the Essence of Cool?

Integrity is an ACT.
When good works do the talking, we have nothing more to say.
Human beings are known by their deeds, their actions, their handiworks.
Performing upright deeds makes the work itself priceless.

Philosophers contend that a cup designed to hold liquids, which somehow is unable to do so, is valueless.
We know now that engineers understand that every cup is designed to represent something, even if that something is accomplishment.

It is the same with the human heart. It is designed to recognize truth.
Cool people can NEVER hold truth in a relative way.

There are no levels of truth!
We are living with truth or we are not living.
We have truth coming from our hearts or we are void of integrity.
We act uprightly in the face of truth or lie to ourselves.
Living truth has a discreet quality about it.

Is this is the Essence of Cool?

Integrity is a LIGHT.

It is a light and can be switched on. It is bright.
Each of us must shine light onto our own lives. We must acknowledge if we speak lip service in spite of truth or if we express truth.
We know where the cool people have been.  They showed us through their handiwork.

Is this is the Essence of Cool?

The ESSENCE OF COOL IS NOT influence, followers, likes, cigarettes, money, leather, sports cars, insider knowledge, sexiness, power, youthfulness, fashion, kudos, promotion, or votes.

Integrity is more precious than influence because NOTHING is more influential than a woman or a man who lives a life with integrity.

This is the ESSENCE OF COOL.

Copyright © 1960-2020 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

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