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Little Bit – for Sylvia

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October 2009

Sylvia –
Her name conjures up deep green forests.
Fairies and wood nymphs.

Magical creatures, with special strengths and abilities that only God grants to the very small.

Sylvia had many nicknames. My favorite was “Little Bit.”
Yes, it described her stature, but not her heart. It described her smile, but not her love.
It described her reactions, but not her patience. It described the way she lived.

As her favorite son-in-law, ‘little bit’ was all the opinion you could get out of her. She was a great listener.
She didn’t butt in; she didn’t explain her position ‘for’ or ‘against’ something.
You always knew where she stood, though. She was a ‘little bit’ stubborn.

No sólo testarudas son . . . sino también llenas de tenacidad. ¡Son apenas como Mamá! Not stubborn – full of stubbornness – same as their momma!   As forthright and as determined as Mom . . . so is daughter . . . so is granddaughter.

Now, this loses something in the translation.
Testaruda is stubborn. But, stubbornness is really defined as TENACITY.
Resolute. Determined in purpose.

This is the character of a real leader. Tenacious!

With a little bit of tenacity comes a lot of LOVE.
and caring, and insight, and concern, and comfort, and confidence,
and trust, and appreciation, and inside jokes, and side winks, and , of course,
“The Look,” El Ojo, – or – as I often heard – “Just a dern minute.”
That loses something in translation, too.

This was just a little bit of Little Bit. She talked a little bit.
We discussed love, and God, and taxes, and politics, and the Houston Rockets.
Oh, my Lord! She was a B-Ball fanatic. She could have coached Houston to another ring! No lie! She was a little bit fanatical about her team.

Now – – – – – I can say it. She is going to be pissed off royal!
She just found out that there is no reincarnation!  ¡Qué lástima!

There is just a little bit of time left to share — it is today and it is with each other.
Let us be a little bit stubborn but a lot more tenacious in our love for one another.
Thank you, Momma, for showing me the road to happiness — — — a little bit at a time.Sylvia & Memphis 1960

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard * All rights reserved.

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