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Dormitory                     Dirty room                     Dry or Omit!          –  My id to rot.

Desperation                   A rope ends it              No dieters, Pa.      –  Drop in a seat

Presbyterian                  Best in prayer              Pest in yer bra!      – Betrayer spin.

The eyes                        They see                        Ye sheet.              –  Yes! Thee!

George Bush                  He bugs Gores            Gee! Rough BS.

The Morse code            Here come dots             Ted’s moo cheer.   –  Secret ohm ode.

Slot machines                Cash lost in ’em            Lines cost ham.

Animosity                      Is no amity                     toy simian

Election results              Lies! Let’s recount       Elite’s rustle con

Snooze alarms               Alas! No more Zs         an armless zoo

A decimal point            I’m a dot in place           claimed on a tip

The earthquakes           That queer shake           Hah! Rat Quest.  EEK!

Eleven plus two             Twelve plus one             well up to seven

Mother-in-law               Woman Hitler                Win the molar!        –  Lo! I threw man!

Astronomer                   Moon starer                   Star or omen?

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard * All rights reserved.

Author: SpindoctorUSA

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