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Manager Tips: Ways to Say ‘No” by Larry Leonard



1) Sounds tempting but we’ll have to look into that further.

2) I wish I could but I simply can’t commit right now.

3) I better pass. I don’t want to cause any undo stress.


4) We are absolutely not involved in that.

5) We have discussed this previously, and this time it’s no.

6) That would be a legal issue that we are prepared to contend with. Maybe it’s a legal request?


7) I’d rather be a member of the givers, but I don’t have anything to give.

8) I prefer to tend to my bruises in private.

9) We no longer do things that rub out the thin line between good and bad data.

10) We’ll do it if you do can support our budget.

11) I’m on fire for the idea, but the execution leaves me icy.

12) The window to submit this has closed. Gotta go.

13) I’d like a hefty chunk of that action but just don’t have the buy in.

14) Email me and I can review it while I’m on vacation.

15) I gotta take a phone call first. Let me get back to you next week.


16) Asking me to do this is like apples and oranges.

17) Let me check the assignment calendar. Nope. I don’t have anybody yet.

18) We need more information and then we can meet on it later.


19) That’s out of my hands.

20) My jurisdiction doesn’t cover those kinds of request. Have you spoken to Research?

21) I love the determination, but we’re not the best department to execute this.

22) I’m slammed right now but let me recommend Research. They are excellent at that.

23) I don’t want to hold you up. Feel free to ask someone else.

24) We’ll have to check with the powers that be and get their blessing first.


25) You sent me an email?

26) I guess I didn’t get your note in time.

27) That’s what you were talking about? Sorry, I didn’t schedule that.

28) I am working on it right now.

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard * All rights reserved.

Author: SpindoctorUSA

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