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PHYSICS: The beginning of the latest end – English, Klingon


All things have a beginning and an end.
Even if the experience is in parts – each part has a beginning and an end.
When you reach the end, it is the next part’s beginning.
When you reach the final end, it is a new journey that is beginning.
You never stop beginning, even if you stop.


mung ‘er’In je Hoch.
vabDot qaStaHvIS ‘ay’-SIQpu’bogh mung ‘er’In je Hoch ‘ay’.
HeghDI’ pItlh SIch SoH, veb ‘ay’ bI’reS.
HeghDI’ van Qav SIch SoH, chu’ lutebjaj Qujvam ‘e’.
bI’reS, not mev SoH vabDot mev SoH.

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